What YOU should know about Twitter-Chat’s

19 Jan

Social-Media Twitter is IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) THE resource to make BEST contacts in global Education and to forward as its BEST the professional messages about learning and teaching!

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What YOU should know about Twitter-Chat’s

Chat icon.

A Twitter-Chat? ONLY chatting with 140 characters? Is this possible? And can WE make something professional out with that? That are certainly the questions I first will hear when talking about a Twitter-Chat, BUT it is possible and even a very professional way for YOUR own “Professional Development“, when well prepared up from the beginning!

.. Check also my curation about Twitter-Chat’s:


How To create a Twitter-Chat?

programmerman-animatedI will not talk a lot around here to describe How To, but I will provide to you what’s for me the best resource to learn from it. I participate for more than a year already on different Twitter-Chat’s, so I have a good overview and could make my choice for the BEST ones…

[Start Text from]

You’ll get the most out of Twitter by creating…

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