Digital Citizenship And ALSO Its Terminology

28 Jan
Digital Citizenship And ALSO Its Terminology

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Digital Citizenship And ALSO Its Terminology

When WE want to share OUR thoughts on a global view with OTHERS, who have a different mentality (and that is for sure…), different culture (that is for sure also), different laws (that again is also for sure)  WHEN WE talk about Digital-Citizenship on a global view WE must know that there are a lot of different definitions about it who are dependent on which continent (and country also) one is living! Sounds strange, BUT it is a fact, especially when one is involved on Social-Media (Twitter and Facebook), where outside Europe ===> Internet-Safety, Cyber-Security and Privacy <=== are NOT that much considered! The same ALSO, in general, the TERMINOLOGY of Cyber-Security isn’t really understood by most of people, Educators and Teachers especially…

In my humble opinion, it doesn’t help a lot to speak about something (whatever it would be…) by NOT knowing the TERMINOLOGY, so let us start with that first, please. WE will have a look on an Infographic to explain… By The Way: this is THE BEST Infographic I actually know and it is from EDUDEMIC! A website to bookmark and to follow on Social-Media as well 😉 .

Digital-Citizenship-infographic-EDUDEMIC-BEST1 Click image OR this link  ===> <=== .

Check also:



Chat iconSo, let us come back to the Terminology, please. MOST of the employed Terminology is already well known by most users, BUT especially Privacy, Internet-Safety and Cyber-Security are a bit seen as “StepChildren” in Education and THAT shouldn’t be as THEY are a part of 21st Century MUST have knowledge, excuse-me please 😉 WE need to give OUR kids the BEST Education while working and learning with BYOD and any connected device to the internet! We as TEACHING persons don’t have the right to be CHERRY-PICKERS, so as every medal has its reverse WE MUST show that side ALSO to OUR learners, kids, students! THAT is OUR RESPONSIBILITY!

The “Operating System” (OS) doesn’t matter at ALL, they ALL have vulnerabilities and need care, such as “OS Updates” (Windows, Mac, Linux and others…), Browser Updates, Third Party Updates (ALL installed programs on the computer…), and of course special protections such as Anti-Virus, Firewall and Anti-Malware!

SO… To let YOU know about those vulnerabilities, please, have a look here:

So… As there is SO MUCH to know and to understand, let us try to section it by TOPICS…


To make it as short as possible with words in this blog, I invite YOU to visit my curation about it where YOU will find ALSO a lot of Infographics which YOU can use in YOUR class.There are a huge amount of it, so make YOUR choice, please. Meanwhile check the video below, who explains very well…



Internet Safety

Here again, there are so many resources online, where I invite YOU first to check the Infographic below, please, and ALSO to check my curation about the best value articles.


Image credit and article ===> <===

. Useful resources:


Cyber Security

???-ScreenTo make it as short as possible with words in this blog, I invite YOU to visit my curation about it where YOU will find ALSO a lot of Infographics which YOU can use in YOUR class.There are a huge amount of it, so make YOUR choice, please.

Final Word

community-jpegI wanted to make this blog post a short one, BUT NO WAY, I couldn’t. Anyway YOU have NOW a page where YOU will find a maximum on selected, valuable information available on YOUR finger tips, use it wisely 😉 As any of my blog posts it will get updated (surely…) as quick as I get a new insight and or ideas…

BTW: One can’t explain shortly WHAT life is, so NEITHER one can’t give ALL the necessary advice to become a Digital-Citizen, ===> it’s an eternal adapting process! <===


Stay tuned for next posts and new adventures in Education 😉 . .

Keywords which I need to create this post to remind me and which are a hint for YOU to THINK deeper: BYOD, Privacy, eCitizen, digcit, Digital Citizenship, Infographics, Curation, blogs, Terminology, Cyber-Security, Internet-Safety, Spam, Malware, Cyber-Hygiene, car, immatriculation plate, black windows on the car, could become a long post???, different countries-different meanings, quality, selective articles, EDUDEMIC, my Curation about…, connecting it with already existing posts, if ideas are going too far-creating NEW post, updating, publishing even if NOT that felt finished otherwise NEVER finishing it…

Got the message? 😉



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