PracTICE: LEARNing About Sustainability UP From The Early Age, A MUST!

22 Mar
PracTICE: LEARNing About Sustainability UP From The Early Age, A MUST!





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PracTICE: LEARNing About Sustainability UP From The Early Age, A MUST!



It is a MUST for LEARNing about Sustainability UP from the early age! THE Love of Nature MUST stick in people so that WE know about WHAT WE have and WON’T have missing it anymore! The sentiment about WHAT nature really is MUST get learned over years to make sure that it remains ALSO when the students, learners, leave the school! THE BEST way is to use ===> PracTICE <===.



Psychology Today-nature-Sustainability-Happiness

Click the above image (screenshot) to access the article of ===> Psychology Today <===, a MUST to understand more!


How Could This Been Done In Practice?

Red Rose-Wild-GardenWhen youth is used up from early age to take care about nature, by giving THEM responsibility, about animals and ALSO flowers, gardening habits, bringing THEM in to the circle of taking care of nature by engaging THEM on practice, be doing it themselves, THEY will learn about:

  • Knowledge about seeding, knowing about the process how plants and flowers growKnowing from where the products THEY find in supermarkets come and how difficult it is to produce them. THEY are NOT ONLY one click away 😉


  • Knowledge about dangers for their project (pests, disease, bad weather conditions…)
  • Pride about the results of THEIR efforts => photos, slideshow, video, podcasts…
  • Curiosity to find out with experiments, guided by people who could give professional advice (gardener, experienced hobby-gardener)…

Proactive-Thinking mentality would be a result, THEY would THINK about what could destroy THEIR efforts! Something very important to get a Proactive-Thinking mentality! THEY would understand WHY it is important to fight for a BETTER world, getting the daily habits (reflexes) to make sure to preserve the beauty of nature! SO, let us start to think about How WE could teach the kids to get that Proactive-Thinking in PracTICE, if YOU won’t mind. Personally I would suggest this:

  1. Take the kids out for a walk in nature and ask them to take photos with THEIR Smartphones about what is interesting for THEM; YOU do the same and later YOU show THEM the difference and discuss about WHY YOUR photos are different. Take photos on different stages of the growth from the plants and flowers and document it in the blog. I suggest, when taking the photos, that YOU implant the date in the photos through a Photo-Editor program. I suggest the FREEWARE “Photoscape” which is very easy to use. As more photos YOU make, as it would be possible also to create a slow-motion video about the taken photos to show the growth of the plants and flowers in an interesting time laps view
  2. If your school allows it and has place for it, YOU may ALSO create a small garden in the school area. If so, apply the same advice as mentioned above.

Advice for creating a blog. I suggest to use WordPress as it is easy to learn and ALSO because they deliver a lot of FREE templates fitting for such projects. Personally I use the THEME “The Visual Theme“, where YOU can see the result of my blogging here:

Get a preview on a possibility of a YouTube video made by using “CamStudio” while recording the following SlideShow:


Learn more:




Stay tuned for next blog posts 🙂

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