PKM – Personal [Professional] Knowledge Management

19 Jan
PKM – Personal [Professional] Knowledge Management



How-To Manage The Mass Of Information WE Encounter Each Day?

When WE use Social-Media, especially Twitter, lots of users know already about a PLN (Personal [Professional] LEARNing Network) and through it WE get a MASS of information on a daily base. So, not easy at all when people don’t know how-to organize that information


Twitter as PLN

Click image ===> What is a PLN? <===

Well, it is actually NOT that difficult when people are Up-To-Date with THEIR Professional Development and learned already about Curation! YES, I am mentioning again and again Professional Development (hate me for that…)… Curation is ALREADY around for at least 4-5 years (2014) and especially pushed trough to the Social-Media scene the last three years!!! SO, if YOU NEVER heard about it YOU know NOW how much YOU are behind with YOUR Professional Development, about time THEN to catch UP 😉

SO… NOW seriously, how can WE get to the point that WE are ready on a daily base to stock, on an intelligent way, ALL the lived information flow, which WE can use later wisely??? The filter situated between OUR two ears (called ALSO brain) doesn’t memorize such BIG DATA, very rare are such persons… So WE have to use some tools, right!?

There are different tools and Apps existing, such as Diigo, Zite, and much more, BUT there is ALSO Curation. And my personal favorite is Curation, especially ===> <===

What Is Curation?

Check the image below, please, who explains it very well.


content curation

Image credit:

BUT, WHY and HOW do I use Curation for my PKM (Personal [Professional] Knowledge Management)?

Content Curation gives me the freedom to OWN my learning, through well chosen sources on the internet, and by giving them the right “Tags” it allows me to find the sources easily back later. BUT first of all I read the articles before I curate them, so I learn through the reading and as more often I do this as BETTER my brain gets trained to understand very quickly!

First I was wondering about this new trend and was not sure what to do with it, but after some research on Internet about it I found out that curation to me is the best way to collect articles which I select through quality criteria, which I can archive under different topics and which I find easily back through the “Tags”, as the “Tags” play the role of a table of content. For a Life-Long-Learner like me curation is like a treasure of knowledge and information that is getting shared through the online community. Through curation one has the possibility to FREE online learning and through sharing it to create a community with the same interests. Curation could also save people of same interests a lot of time and provides them with valuable content which could get used to link back to them in written articles, blogs, web sites and social media sites. Also one learns from each other in the curation community as one has the possibility to follow interesting curation.

Check also:

See ALSO this on a practical example, check out please my curation below.


Curation of Gust MEES

Click image please, or this link ===> <===


This said, Curation for me, as a Life-Long-Learner, is a great PKM solution! BUT, let us ALSO show WHAT others published about PKM, please check my curation about it below.



Click image please, or this link ===> <===


As WE were talking about the “Tags” in Curation, the above screenshot and link is issued through my “Tags” in my curation, where here below a screenshot about it…


Tags and PKM in curation


SO, probably NOW YOU will have some brain-food to get occupied with it 😉 Use it wisely!


Stay tuned for next blog posts and NEW adventures in Social-Media Education 😉


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